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Conference Aims

Following the Communities and Local Government Select Committee Inquiry, this conference draws together learning from new research and cutting-edge innovations in practice across sectors on ways to meet the challenges which parks face and to maximise the value of parks as public assets in the twenty-first century. The conference will create opportunities for dialogue, learning and exploration of important questions and challenges –including around health and well-being, social and cultural use and income generation - that cut across all models of park management whether local authorities, trusts, charities or private sector.

Conference aims:

  • To bring together researchers, policy-makers and practitioners interested in exploring the role and value of public parks in the twenty-first century.
  • To showcase learning from new research and innovations in practice, across different sectors, on ways to support parks and maximise their diverse benefits.
  • To discuss ways forward for the future of public parks in light of the findings and recommendations of the Select Committee Inquiry, and given current economic constraints.
  • To build new and enhance existing relations between researchers, public policy-makers, practitioners and organisations working in the management and governance of public parks and green spaces.
  • To develop a network of people and organisations that work with, or conduct research on, parks and green spaces in the UK that may lead to the generation of new research questions and research collaborations.